Fun Club Terms & Conditions

This page lists the terms and conditions of membership to Fulfil the Wish’s Fun Club. Please take a minute to read and understand the terms you will need to adhere to in your membership.

Fun Club membership will cost £5 per child (aged 3-15 years) per year. Families will be asked to pay this fee before participating in any activities. The membership fee can either be payed in cash before an event or in advance via the donation portal on the Fulfil the Wish website.

Attendance at Fun Club events is by invitation to members only and all invitations are made to the disabled child named in the membership. If the child is unable to attend the event, the invitation will be withdrawn. Invitations are sent mainly via text or Whatsapp message. You must ensure that the contact details provided are up-to-date and that you inform Fulfil the Wish if you have any problems regarding receiving invitations in this manner.

Fulfil the Wish will also request that families make a financial contribution towards some of the more expensive events that are organised. All members will be fully informed of any additional costs that will apply to an event before responding to an invitation. The events to which this will apply will still be heavily subsidised and the scale of contributions requested will be in line with that of the charity’s major events to Bendrigg and Disneyland Paris.

The Fun Club is designed to organise family activities in a group setting. Children attending Fun Club events must be accompanied by parents or guardians rather than carers. Should the help of carers be required to aid your family’s participation, please contact Fulfil the Wish in advance to ensure that this can be accommodated.

By confirming your family’s attendance at a specific Fun Club event, you are entering into an agreement with Fulfil the Wish. Failure to attend the event, or failure to notify Fulfil the Wish of non-attendance once payment has been made, will result in a request via invoice for reimbursement of monies spent by the charity. Failure to reimburse the charity within 28 working days will result in your removal from the group and the prevention from attending Fun Club events in the future. We appreciate that sometimes exceptional circumstances can prevent attendance at short notice. This will be taken into account on a discretionary basis by the trustees of Fulfil the Wish and a decision will be made from there.