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Great Activities

All our other activities, including days out and short breaks are managed through our Fun Club, which brings children and their families together in a fun inclusive environment. Whether it’s a social get together, dolphin spotting on a speed boat, or a leisurely cruise down the river, there is something for everyone.

With us, disability is not a barrier to participation. Anything and everything is possible with just a little planning and finding the most suitable resources means that even the most physically disabled child can take part in almost anything. This helps build confidence in the children themselves but also their siblings and parents. Many children with disabilities become isolated with friendships hard to form or sustain, our fun club offers a friendship and support group for both children, siblings, and parents alike.

Who its for

Due to the nature of the events, we organise. The fun club is for children in the West Yorkshire area only.

We do not have a physical base but look to find activities which as accessible and fun. This can be achieved by using specialist centres and specialist charities for the more adventurous activities, for example, WetWheels, AnyoneCan and The Peter Merchant Trust. We use other community facilities for events such as swimming, social gathering Christmas Parties and more.

Our priority is to ensure that every activity is accessible to even the most disabled child.

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